Campus Crime and Crime Reporting

Jerry and Sue lead a discussion on the Literary House porch
Jerry and Sue lead a discussion on the Literary House porch

Today The Elm staff got a special visit from the infamous Director of Public Safety, Jerry Roderick. Jerry and his colleague, Sue Golinski, the department’s Operations Supervisor, gave the staff some very important information. If any editors or staff writers are reporting about crimes or news, on or off campus, they can go to The Department of Public Safety for information. Jerry informed everyone that there is specific information that cannot be shared and other information that is public record, such as police reports and property rights, meaning anyone can access it. In addition to telling the staff about basic public safety operations, Jerry also gave some of his world-class advice. He strongly encourages everyone to get the Live Safe App, which is a quick and easy way to send in tips. This App allows Public Safety to quickly respond and follow up with complaints or tips that have been called in. There is even an option to send in tips anonymously, if one would prefer. Jerry Roderick wants us all to remember that Public Safety is here to keep our campus as safe as possible!

The Elm staff picked up some great advice and continued their boot camp with more training and information sessions. Everyone is working hard to put out the first issue of The Elm, so make sure to get your copy next week!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo By Brooke Harig

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