Creatively Naked

Nakey!On a day like May Day it can be extremely hard to choose something appropriate to wear. Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s May Day, the actual point is to not wear anything and flaunt the weight you’ve gained since last semester. But part of the fun of the celebration is finding ways to express yourself and feel connected with the world and your fellow students. You could run out onto the Campus Green naked and call it a night, but if you’re like me and you like to make a spectacle of yourself, there are lots of ways to mix up May Day and make it feel fresh and original.

Whether you’re the most confident person out there or you’re hesitant to partake in the festivities at all, my main piece of advice is simple: a flower crown will automatically make you look and feel more connected with the world. May Day is all about that feeling of freedom that comes when you open yourself up to the earth and embrace nature. What better way to show this spiritual connection than sporting a flower crown and showing others that you are one with nature? Flower leis are also encouraged and have a similar effect.

There are other creative ways of covering your body to help get you in the mood to celebrate such as body paint or even capes. May Day is about convincing yourself that there is really nothing wrong with getting yourself out there and embracing the nature of both the world and each other, and if you want to do that fully naked, creatively naked, or with underwear on you should. If you’ve never celebrated and you’re afraid to be totally naked, underwear is acceptable even if your friends are telling you that it isn’t. Above all, having fun on May Day is what counts.

Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer

Photo Source

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