Places To Study

DSC_0030Ready or not finals week is almost here! Are you ready for all your tests and papers? Either way you have a little bit of time until Monday to prepare yourself. As we all know the library can be quite packed during finals week. If you need to get out of your dorm to get some work done there are many other places to study.

The library is great because it puts one in the scholarly mood. Not to mention Sophie’s Café is close by to fuel you with plenty of coffee. If the library is too packed try Toll. It has a lot of seating in the atrium plus more private seating at the end of the hall on the second and third floors. Believe it or not but the dining hall is another great place to study during the day. In between the meal times it is pretty empty. You can grab some coffee and food while you study. The bottom of Hodson is also a great place because it has plenty of seating. Try studying in the bottom of the CAC! The couches are very comfortable so try not to fall asleep. The common room on your floor is great for getting in some quality studying with out having to venture out of your dorm. You can even grab a blanket and head out to the green. The fresh air and change of scenery will allow you to get work done. The gym is even a great place to study. Review your notes while you enjoy some cardio. It will make your workout go by quickly and make you want to focus so you can finish studying, finish your workout, and go take a nap.

It does not matter where you study or do work just as long as you get stuff done. After a long semester and countless test, projects, and papers it can be very difficult to focus. However, there is a little more than a week left so just tough it out. Summer break will be here soon!

Good luck and have a great break!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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