Summer Break Is Right Around The Corner

Finals weekThe end of the semester is almost here! There are less than two weeks of classes left and then finals. Hopefully the end if the semester did not sneak up on you and you are prepared for all the work. It seems that most professors save all projects for the last two weeks, and it’s nearly impossible for a student to get everything done. Nevertheless, we shall prevail because summer is almost upon us. It’s time for warm weather, summer jobs, and family and friends. All we have to due is survive the hardest weeks of the semester. As easy as that sounds, we could all benefit from a few tips.

  1. The library will be very crowded so make sure to get there early to get a spot. If you want a study room it is important to have most of the members of your group present so you fit the minimum number of people allowed in the study room.
  2. Try studying by yourself or in a different location so you can get the most out of a study session. It is easy to lose focus when you have friends to talk to so put headphones on and do not let fun gossip distract you.
  3. Make use of the free time you have. Use the 10 minuets you have before class to get some extra studying in.
  4. Get enough sleep and remember to eat! Do not sacrifice these things to study because chances are the information you study will not stick any way. Also do not forget to eat properly. A bag of chips from Java George will not cut it!
  5. Finally, remember to take a break! Hang out with your friends at dinner, watch some Netflix, sit outside, and try to relax. After all it is the last few weeks before the semester ends and before the seniors go off and graduate. So make the most of it!

Hopefully you survive these last few weeks. We are almost done, so hang in there!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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