The Great Human Race

Cat Bigney and Bill Schindler will host the new show

Dr. Bill Schindler, professor of anthropology at Washington College will appear on a National Geographic Channel series called “The Great Human Race,” set to air sometime in 2016.

Dr. Schindler and co-host Cat Bigney will retrace the route that our ancestors took to get from Africa to North America. Each episode revolves around a specific time and place in our ancestral past, which will range from the jungles of Kenya to the dry deserts of Egypt.

The interesting part about the show is that the two co-hosts can only use tools that were used during the specific time period that they are in on that specific episode. This will probably entail making their own tools and resources from their surrounding environment.

Dr. Schindler is known as a very hands-on professor; he makes his own hunting tools, forages for wild berries, and uses every part of an animal. These skills will prove to be useful when he is filming for the show.

The description of the show on National Geographic’s Website says, “Follow two adventurers, Bill Schindler and Cat Bigney, for 35,000 miles-from the cradle of civilization to the New World- as they complete challenges. While retracing the migratory route of our ancestors, our competitors must overcome some of the same oppressive deserts, frozen tundra and intimidating jungles. Along the way, they face the same challenges early humans did: building weapons out of stone, starting fires, hunting for food, communicating with local tribes and more. It’s a journey of a lifetime — of all of our lifetimes.”

Molly Igoe

News Editor

Photo Source

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