Get Your Grove On With These Easy Dance Moves

Do you ever wish you were a better dancer? Ever want to show off your moves at a party but fear that everyone will laugh at you? As a dance minor here at WAC, I feel highly qualified to teach my peers how to clear a dance floor. Here are some dance moves you can use at any time that are sure to impress.

The Whip – To do this dance simply bend your knees and stick one arm out like you’re driving a car. Then bounce as if your car has some really cool hydraulics. Use this dance at a party or at next years Birthday Ball and you will surely be the best dancer in the room.

The “Dirt off your shoulder” – This classic dance likely originated in the early 90’s when being fly was what it was all about. Everyone has done this dance at least once. Simply lean to one side and brush the opposite shoulder as if there is dirt on it. Alternate sides along with the music.

Crank That – Ever wish you could bring back your favorite middle school trends? You definitely can with the “Crank That” dance by Soulja Boy. Re-learn this fun dance and get all your friends in on it, and then relive those middle school days!

Dougie – The “Dougie” is another great dance that somehow got left in the dust. This one may be a little difficult to execute but once learned, you can add your own style to it and look awesome. To do the “Dougie,” lean left, right, left, left, then go the other way. While doing this, move your arms with you or over your head one hand at a time. It is important to dance with as much swag as you can.

The Carlton – This popular (or not so popular) dance came from Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Embrace your inner Carlton by stepping side to side and snapping to Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual.” The more excited you are the more proud Carlton would be, so go ahead and make a fool out of yourself! Everyone will want to join in.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

Photo Source–dance-craze-thats-sweeping-nation.html

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