Spring Snow Storm

Snow StormGet your snow boots and jackets ready because the snow is not done! It looks like we are in for another big snowstorm next week. What is it with this crazy Maryland weather; will spring ever come? At this point its seems unlikely. Meteorologist, Cool Front Luke, says, “This storm will likely last Tuesday through Friday and will accumulate about 25 inches of snow.” Yikes! This storm is going to be the biggest one yet! He also says, “Temperatures will drop below freezing and it will not warm up until May.”

I hope you have enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted because it is about to get very cold. After speaking with Public Safety it looks like will be having class no matter how much snow we get. Due to the amount of cancelations earlier in the year, Washington College cannot afford to miss any more academic days. Here are some tips from Public Safety for safe travel to and from class: Travel with a buddy, wear snow shoes or snow grippers, wear goggles to protect yourself from the wind, if frost bite sets in go to the hospital right away, and pack food incase you get snowed into your class room.

This snowstorm will hit early Tuesday morning so be prepared. It is going to be a big one and hopefully we will not get as much snow as predicted, however, it is very unlikely. Remember to dress warmly and stay safe while traveling to class in the storm. Public Safety says, “Our ancestors traveled through freezing weather, so we can too!”


A Snow Man

Photo Source https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/6e/f6/81/6ef6817278e0db54a85f66b1b56d79eb.jpg

*April Fools!*

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