Fraternities Prepare For An Adventure!

FratagoniaYou may have noticed the increasing amount of Patagonia fleece jackets around campus. It may seem as though the fraternity boys are all dressing alike for a reason. Well they are! At the end of the semester, brothers of the fraternities here at Washington College are going on an adventure to South America. Just after exams are over, they will travel to the Patagonia Mountains located in Argentina. Together they will hike, climb, and camp during this brotherhood retreat. They boys will have the opportunity to build stronger bonds with one another every time the get lost in a forest or run out of food.

However, this adventure is not just for fun and bonding. Each fraternity will be conducting research for their philanthropy. To help Phi Delta Theta’s philanthropy, The Clay Pigeon Repair Foundation, brothers will nurse local clay pigeons back to life. Vince Vineyard said, “I cannot wait to help the pigeons! It’s not everyday that we get to spend time with clay pigeons, and it’s great that Patagonia has such a large population of them.” To help Theta Chi’s philanthropy, the brothers will weave their Patagonia fleece jackets together and create shelter for the Patagonia mountain goats. This will bring warmth and food to local goats because they love the taste of fleece! When the men are taking a rest from being so philanthropic, they will spend time playing games such as cornhole, urban golf, and beer pong.

During this month-long expedition, the group will travel all throughout Argentina. An added element of this trip includes, partaking in the quest to find the Frat Star. Finding this star is the ultimate goal of every fraternity member across the nation. Chet Youbetya told me, “Obtaining the Frat Star is what everyone wants. When you find the Frat Star, you become the Frat Star. That’s when you know you’ve made it in life. You become the most highly regarded man on campus when you find that star.” According to sources, the star can only be found at the highest peak of the mountain range. Surely everyone on the trip will want to find it but there can only be one Frat Star. Sperry McBoatshoe, Theta Chi, is sure that he will find the Frat Star. He said, “It would be so frat if my frat found the Frat Star. I’ve been working out twice a day to gain the strength to climb Patagonia. We’re totally going to find it and I will be a frat star forever. Everyone will bow down to me and I will be on the Frat Wall of Fame.”

Be sure to wish all the fraternity members good luck on their adventure. If you see someone in a Patagonia fleece, take a moment to appreciate them and all hard work they will soon accomplish for their philanthropy and the glory of their fraternity. Perhaps someone you know will become the next Frat Star of Washington College. However, winning is not what matters most. This expedition is all about bonding and becoming closer with each other through service for others.




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*April Fools!*

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