Spring Fling!

Spring flingSpring Fling is today on the Campus Green from 1pm to 4pm. So make sure you stop by and join in on the festivities. Many clubs and organizations are holding fun events that the whole campus can get involved in. Here is a list of all the events for tomorrow.


  1. Come file taxes with Enactus! – Join in on this fun event and try to have a better tax return then your friends.
  2. Admissions will be mailing letters! – Lick some envelopes and try not to pass out from the toxic glue.
  3. Habitat for Humanity will be building a house! – Help give George a nice new house to live in right on the green.
  4. Prepare for May Day- The May Day prep team will be running some “naked miles” to get in shape for May Day!
  5. Beer Pong with the RA’s! – The RA’s will be hosting a beer pong tournament and the winners get a gift certificate to O’Conner’s!
  6. Pig out with the AOII’s- these lovely ladies will be hosting a pig eating contest!
  7. The Fu Manchu Association will be giving a special lecture- learn about the history of the Fu Manchu with your friends!
  8. Do not miss WACappella! – They will be singing a lovely remix of Tibetan Monk throat chanting.
  9. Sho’Troupe will not miss a beat as they perform an interpretive dance to Metallica’s greatest hits!
  10. The POTtery club will be making bowls- grab you friends and some snacks!
  11. The fight club will be hosting a brawl on the green- First rule, don not talk about it!

I hope you got out to spring fling and enjoy all of these wonderful events!

April Fulls

The 1st

Photo Source http://vikinglogue.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/spein.jpg

*April Fools!

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