Advising Day Canceled

baby-crying-cuz-school-tomorrowDue to the number of snow days this semester, the school has decided to cancel Advising Day. The school understands that this may come as a shock and anger some students. It is important to remember that most colleges do not have this extra day off. Advising Day is reserved for freshmen to meet with their advisors and schedule classes, yet upperclassmen do not receive this privilege. Professors also have to cancel an entire day of teaching, which can disrupt the course of their schedules.

In an interview with Interim President Griswold, he stated that the original plan had been to cancel Reading Day on May 1st. He said he changed his mind, however, because he “didn’t want students to attend class in the nude.” This was probably a good idea if you really think about it. Students hearing about the cancellation may be feeling a little frenzied. Resident Assistant Lis Engle ‘17 said, “Spring Fling is still scheduled to occur. I don’t think anyone will be able to volunteer or attend because they have class now!” The campus green will likely have several empty tables and unmanned bounce houses. This will be a stark contrast to the typically bustling event.

No official announcement has been made yet but expect to see an email later today. If the school does not send out a WAC Alert or email, you should still attend class. Professors reserve the right to mark you absent if you do not show up to class. See you all tomorrow! I’ll be the one looking very miserable and unhappy.

Bad News Bear

*April Fools!*

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