Must See Documentaries

As college students, we definitely watch lot of movies. If you’re tired of watching the same genre of films, check out some documentaries. Here is a list of my favorites. Most are available on Netflix!

Sharkwater – This is an amazing movie documenting filmmaker Rob Stewart’s passion for sharks. When he discovers that sharks are nearing extinction, due to illegal finning, he sets out to raise awareness and put an end to finning. Rob is so passionate that he makes even those who are terrified of sharks feel sympathetic for them.

Exit through the gift shop – Banksy is an infamous graffiti artist whose work appears all over the world. Thierry Guetta, a french man who is obsessed with Banksy, gets the opportunity to film him and even learn how to become an artist of his own. This documentary gets people interested in street art and comes with an interesting twist!

Life in a Day – The filmmakers of this documentary asked people all around the world to film their lives on the same day. The result is a compilation of love, sadness, and daily life.

Our Curse – This is a short 40-minute film about new parents whose child has a rare breathing condition. Their homemade documentary gives a glimpse into the struggle they face and the love they have for their newborn baby.

CitizenFour – This documentary was the Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Feature. Laura Poitras, the director, was receiving encrypted emails from someone with information about government surveillance. Filming her experience, she flew to Hong Kong to meet with the anonymous person, who turned out to be Edward Snowden.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

Photo Source

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