IMG_0635Tonight, Ian Flinn’16 presented Conjuring Curiosity: A Performance of Magic and Time Travel. As I entered Decker Theatre, the seats were filled and the audience was buzzing with excitement! Upon entering every one received a program with a brief summary of all the things Ian has done and plans to do. He has be studying magic since he was seven years old and loves how people react when he performs. In fact, that is the reason he loves magic so much; the joy and awe in people’s reactions bring him great satisfaction. Not only was the audience treated with a number of illusions, they were also given a brief history of magic and a look at what Ian has been researching.

Ian Flinn also taught the audience about some of his tricks. While he fooled one lucky audience member, the rest of us got to see the cool and funny tricks being performed. He used many audience members to complete his illusions, which made them much more believable. The right amount of humor, wit, and concentration was the cherry on top of an exceptional performance. If the audience was not in awe about a trick, they were laughing at his delightful sense of humor.

The entire performance was both entertaining and very educational, which often dose not come hand-in-hand. The large support that was there for Ian was so wonderful to see. People from the Washington College community as well as the Chestertown area all came to show their encouragement. I hope to see more shows from Ian because they truly are a delight and can spark so much amazement in people. Keep an eye out for all the brilliant things Ian is sure to accomplish during his time here at WAC and throughout his life!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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