Spring At WAC

Spring blod 1Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping and weather is getting nicer. After a very cold and unpredictable winter many of us cannot wait for the weather to calm down. The campus will soon be in bloom; the grass will be lush and green and the trees will blossom. Students and professors will be outside enjoying the warm sunshine in a number of ways, from outside classes to Frisbee on the Campus Green. All of Washington College will be buzzing with the excitement of being outside.

I asked some fellow students what their favorite things are about spring. Grace Kim’ 18 said, “I enjoy wearing shorts and Birkenstocks.” Her friend, Taylor Hineline’18 said, “I like the warm weather and being able to sit outside.” Matthew Klepfer’15 told me that his favorite thing about spring is the weather and seeing all the pretty sundresses! So no matter what your favorite part of spring is, there are many aspects to satisfy everyone’s needs! Whether it’s the warm weather or attending the spring sports games, spring is always a wonderful time. Washington College is a great place to enjoy the springtime. The students, faculty, and staff all seem a lot happier as the unpleasantness of winter leaves and the joy of spring (and summer) approach!

Enjoy the weather as it comes and watch out for cold weather that sneaks its way into the loveliness of spring. Even if you do not have time to enjoy it there will be plenty of wonderful weather on its way!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source https://unigo.blob.core.windows.net/media/privateassets/0/378524/378528/379670/ef5cf9c7-b6da-427f-a58b-455b400bb048.jpg

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