Spring Break: What’s On The Menu

Chipotle blogAfter weeks of hard work and constant exhaustion, there are two things that you want to do more than anything else: sleep whenever you want, and eat whatever you want. I’ve been doing both on what is the first vacation that I’ve had in a very long time (having spent most of my winter break working). It’s been quite relaxing, and one of the best parts about it is that I’ve been able to choose where I eat. While Chestertown has a lot of options for such a small town, it’s not quite the same as having your pick of restaurants and fast food places in your own hometown.

So far I’ve had the standards: sushi from that place in your hometown that always makes it the best; and Chiptole. Just Chipotle. This may seem like he random ramblings of a food junkie, but you must admit that food from your hometown is one of the things that you miss most when you go away for college, and one of the things you cherish most when you go home for any stretch of time.

Coming up this week: pad thai, Nando’s, and Cheesecake Factory. Who knows; I may even decide not to come back to Chestertown; I’ll just stay here and major in cheesecake.

Emma Buchman

Opinion Editor

Photo Source http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/3b/Chipotle_Mexican_Grill_logo.svg/1024px-Chipotle_Mexican_Grill_logo.svg.png

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