Spring Break Survival Guide

SpringBreak-blogIt’s almost Spring Break! No matter what your plans are, this break is much needed. Spring break is a time to catch up on sleep, hang out with friends, and clear your mind of school-related things. Whether you’re going home to relax or hitting the beach, no one wants to feel like they wasted their break. Here’s how to survive your Spring Break!

At Home: Personally, I think this is the best way to spend your break. Who wouldn’t want to lie in their own bed for an entire week? Most people have not been home all semester so take advantage of it! Have dinner with your family and spend time with old friends. Utilize your free time to spend hours in your favorite coffee shop or go to new places in town that you have never been to. If you feel too cooped up at home, grab some friends and take a day trip somewhere. Be sure to bring home all your dirty laundry, and at the end of break bring back lots of good food from home!

Vacation: Hitting the beaches with friends all week? This is an awesome and fun way to spend break. Some important things to bring are: a bathing suit, sunscreen, a towel, a camera, and cash. Popular Spring Break destinations are known for getting pretty rowdy, so make sure you stay safe. Keep your wallet and personal belongings in your hotel room to avoid losing anything or theft. Always stay with your friends and make sure no one gets lost in an unknown place. Most importantly, have a blast meeting new people and getting a nice tan!

School: If you have to stay at school over break, you can still enjoy yourself! Be sure to stock up on food because the dining hall will be closed. Take this opportunity to try out your best college cooking skills. This is also a nice time to hang out and relax in your room without the daily stress of schoolwork. Spend some quiet time in town or down by the waterfront before the campus becomes busy again.

Have a great Spring Break!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

Photo Source http://village.blogs.pressdemocrat.com/files/2012/03/SpringBreak-600×418.jpg

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