College On A Budget

Saving Money-Dog1blogBeing a college student means there is always a constant struggle to save your money. Many of us are not working full time jobs because of classes, so it makes it hard to afford the things we want. Not to mention the expensive cost of tuition, books, housing, food, etc. can damage our bank accounts. However, there are ways to be thrifty and still get things we want. With a little bit of work it is not that hard to save money!

If you have a meal plan try to eat at the dining hall as much as possible. This will allow you to get your money’s worth and save you from spending money on other meals. Try to refrain from online shopping, even though it is so enticing! If you need a dress or outfit for an event borrow one from a friend. You can even wear one you have, just add different accessories to make a whole new ensemble. If someone’s birthday is coming up find a cheep yet meaningful gift, or get creative and make the gift by hand. There are many shops in town, like Twigs and Teacups, which have very cool inexpensive things! Sell your books at the end of the semester. You many not get full price for them but a little bit of cash is better than nothing. If you do want to treat yourself to a nice meal go to a restaurant that has good deals. Fast-food restaurants are always cheap and usually do not disappoint. However, if you want something of higher quality try Café Sado. They have a special deal where you can buy one sushi roll and get one free! If you are a fan of sushi this is the place for you!

Trying to save money can be tough, but if you know the tricks it is not so hard. It is the little things that add up, so even if something seems cheap it is not a good idea to purchase it all the time. Just stick it out for the rest of the semester and hopefully your summer jobs will fix any damages that your bank account may have suffered.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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