Dance Club And Sho’Troupe Hit The Road!

This weekend, the Washington College Dance Club and Sho’Troupe went to Delaware to compete in the Evolve Intercollegiate Dance Convention. WAC was one of ten colleges invited to compete and participate in masterclasses. This was such a great experience because there are very limited opportunities for college dancers to compete or exhibit their work. This was a chance to be around dancers just like us in a competitive environment. All teams that participated were student-run clubs from New York University, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Rutgers, George Mason, William and Mary, Fairfield, and Montclair State. The convention was hosted at the University of Delaware.

Our day began at 9 am with a contemporary masterclass. Jessica Olinik, a professional dancer at the event, taught a short combination to everyone. The class was held in a large gymnasium but the room felt crowded with so many dancers. It was inspiring to feel so much energy, power, and passion in one room. Jessica encouraged us to dance without fear of being judged by others because we were all there to learn from one another. Next, Elysha Richman taught a hip-hop class. This required some dancers to break out of their shell, but it was a lot of fun. Elysha also taught a combination and while different groups performed, she picked out people she liked to partner up. It was awesome to watch them give it their all.

After an exhausting morning of masterclasses, it was time for competition! We had about two hours to do our hair and makeup. Three judges and a full theater watched teams perform jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, and pom dances. Our college brought four dances: a contemporary dance choreographed by Emily Harris’15, two Sho’Troupe dances choreographed by Kendall Davis’16, and a lyrical dance choreographed by Rachel Petrie’15. Awards were split into special judges picks, top three for each category, and an overall first place. While WAC did not take home any awards, we were not disheartened. We danced our hardest and performed our best on stage. We returned home full of inspiration and excited for next year!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

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