SEB Bus Trips

IMG_7626This evening the Student Events Board is hosting a bus trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. If you have singed up for this trip you are in for a treat. If you could not go or forgot to sign up, there will be more opportunities for fun trips like these. The bus trip leaves a 5pm and is expected to be back to WAC around 12am. One of the greatest things about this trip is that it only cost $10. The price normally would be $35 for an adult ticket during the aquarium’s normal hours. What a steal! Plus you are not paying for gas or parking, which can really add up. Tom Brennan’17 has organized the trip for this evening and has done a great job!

A bus trip like this is a great way to get off campus and have some fun. The National Aquarium it a great place to go, and is both educational as well as fun. With many exhibits and fish, the National Aquarium can keep you entertained for hours. If you did not have the opportunity to go on this trip, you should definitely try and go to the National Aquarium sometime. You can also get cheaper priced tickets by going during the evening on Fridays. Washington College is relatively close to Baltimore and D.C, so it is important to take advantage of its proximity and experience what the big cities have to offer. The SEB is hosting another bus trip on April 25th to Ocean City, Maryland. If you have a free day and want to have some fun I highly recommend going in April. Ocean City has many cheap ways to keep you entertained, which include, swimming in the ocean (if it is warm enough), tanning, sight seeing, and walking on the boardwalk. Make sure to signup in April for the bus trip so you do not miss out.

There are so many fun and interesting events around and off campus that the Student Events Board plans. Members of SEB work hard to make sure you are entertained and have things to do. So make sure you take advantage of their events because they are always a lot of fun! If you are going on the trip this evening have fun, and if you did not get to signup for the trip make sure do not miss our next time!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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