Recap: Birthday Ball

Kaitlynn'18 and Rachel'15 talk about their Birthday Ball experience
Kaitlynn’18 and Rachel’15 talk about their Birthday Ball experience

George’s birthday celebrations are officially complete. The ball is over, the decorations have been taken down, and we even finally had our Mardi Gras themed dinner tonight. Now all we have left are the memories of a fun and festive weekend. For some, there are many more years of Birthday Ball to look forward to, but for others this may have been the last hurrah. I talked to a freshman and a senior to hear if they had contrasting opinions about the ball.

Kaitlynn Ecker ‘18, a member of ShoTroupe, told me about her Birthday Ball experience. She said, “I thought it was fun because it was my first time going and I didn’t really know what to expect.” She also said, “It was better than homecoming because it was so much bigger and the decorations were amazing!” Kaitlynn enjoyed her weekend and said she is looking forward to seeing what is in store for years to come.

Rachel Petrie ’15, a business major, had a slightly different opinion. She told me that it wasn’t her favorite theme of her four years, but she still had a lot of fun. Rachel said, “I realized that the weather had an influence on how the dance came together. It stinks that we didn’t have a bar, though, because it was my first year being able to drink and I was really looking forward to that.” Due to the weather, many girls wore their boots to the dance. Rachel got stepped on so much that she had to visit the Emergency Room in the morning. She is in good spirits, however, and joked, “At least I made the count for Birthday Ball Emergency Room visits!”

This has been a whirlwind of a weekend and hopefully it was fun for all. Until next year, we will just have to reminisce on all the memories we have for now. Let’s all hope to see much less snow next time around!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

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