Birthday Ball: The Aftermath

Birthday ball has come and gone and even though the weather was a little rough it was still a great time. I had mentioned on Friday that Katie Gordon’17 was in charge of creating the magnificent ball as well as having the duty to clean up the next morning. Katie woke promptly at 8am on Sunday morning to go help clean up Birthday Ball, which took four days to set up. As she got ready to leave her dorm room her roommates were sleeping soundly unaware of the hard work she was going to do. Other members of the Students Events Board where also there bright and early to help as well as members of the baseball team and woman’s soccer team. Everyone ventured across the frozen campus to the JFC where they would find their once beautiful ballroom. Many things were found throughout the JFC as cleanup commenced. Some of the things founds during clean up were: a single shoe, a tie, a burlap sack, jackets, mini bottle of alcohol, and two handles of alcohol. Given the things recovered after Birthday Ball, one can wonder how and why these things were brought into the ball! With such a large amount of people attending the ball it is easy to understand how things could have been snuck in. If you are missing anything, like jackets or a shoe, public safety has a large lost and found pile.

The clean up lasted about 5 hours seamed to be very tiring. With all the work that went into making birthday ball happen it is odd to think that it can be over so fast. Even with a little snow and some icy roads everyone who had a part in Birthday Ball tried their hardest to make sure it happened. Nevertheless, I hoped you enjoyed celebrating George’s birthday with the rest of the Washington College community.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photos by Katie Gordon

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