Birthday Ball Sneak Peek!

The giant mask entrance that will soon be covered with 150 balloons
The giant mask entrance that will soon be covered with 150 balloons

We have made it! It is the end of the week and Birthday Ball is tomorrow. The anticipation has been building up for weeks and the legendary day has come. Get ready for a jam-packed weekend filled with alumni, friends, and of course the biggest birthday party of the year. For those of you who have never been to birthday ball it may be hard to imagine how the JFC can be transformed into a magnificent ballroom. Or you may be wondering how the Mardi Gras theme will turn out. Katie Gordon’17, executive director of traditions and school spirit for the SEB, has been working all year for this famed day. After the Washington College community voted on the theme for Birthday Ball, Katie Gordon went straight to work. She has been putting in long hours all week to make sure Birthday Ball perfect. She will be setting up all day Saturday and also cleaning up all day Sunday. Katie and the SEB’s hard work has all been put into making Birthday Ball happen so WAC can celebrate George’s birthday properly.

To get a feel for what the JFC will look like when it is transformed. I asked Katie if she could give us a sneak peak! She says, “Not only are we striving to culminate all of the aspects of Mardi Gras, but the whole experience of bing in New Orleans.” When you enter the JFC “you will walk through a giant mask covered with one hundred-fifty colored balloons. As you make your way to the bar area you will see a French Quarter façade with a voodoo themed bar and authentic shrunken heads! Katie says, “The dance floor will have you feel like your dancing on Bourbon Street as you will be surrounded by lamp posts, streamers, and lights.” The Mardi Gras float will be located to the left of the dance floor and functions as a platform that you and your friends can take pictures on. A bayou themed lunge area is equipped with Cyprus trees and alligators! Come to the lounge to take a break from dancing the night away. Finally there is the buffet, which will have traditional Mardi Gras foods and deserts. Katie says, “I really hope you enjoy all of the executive board’s work for this year’s Birthday Ball.”

Birthday Ball is shaping up to be super awesome time. Make sure you have fun but also stay safe. This is a great time for celebration but we also have to be smart. Stay with your friends and make wise decisions. Also utilize the shuttles and try to dress warm. So have a great weekend and remember, don’t do anything George wouldn’t do!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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