Birthday Ball Prep!

DSC_7806This week is all about preparing for Birthday Ball. One of the biggest concerns for the ladies is what to do with your hair and makeup. There are many options when it comes to looking your best at the Ball.

For your hair, you could go classic and pretty with loose curls. Add a twist by pinning your bangs back or doing a little braid. If you want to be a more dramatic, try an up-do like a sock bun. You can even try something edgy and old school by putting a few tight braids in your hair. It can be hard to do your hair but that’s what friends are for! It is always fun to get ready for Birthday Ball with your closest friends, doing each other’s hair and makeup, and getting dressed. Birthday Ball is the one night that everyone on campus goes all-out so why not do the same. It is a good idea to practice doing your hair beforehand so you are not in a frenzy before the dance.

For makeup, neutral hues are great for any style and occasion. The smoky eye adds more drama and also goes well with almost any look you want to achieve. In the spirit of Mardi Gras, use some gold shimmer or even use green or purple eye shadow. If you are really feeling brave and festive, do all three!

Birthday Ball is a time to let loose and have a massive amount of fun. Whatever you choose to do with your hair and makeup, everyone will look amazing and so will you! Be sure to take a lot of pictures with friends and have the time of your life. Only two more days!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

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