When Good Dates Go Bad

Valentines day pic blogValentine’s Day is right around the corner! Most people are trying to prepare the perfect date for their significant other. Not all dates go as well as we hope, though. I thought it would be fun to ask some people around campus about their worst date experiences. To prevent from further embarrassment, everyone will be kept anonymous. Here’s hoping that your Valentine’s date turns out better than theirs!

“I went to a movie with a guy that I met at a dance in high school. I had to buy the tickets because he showed up about 20 minutes late and then he couldn’t hold a conversation. We went to sit down in the theatre and the only question he could manage to ask me was, “What is your favorite phone company.” I just looked at my phone and said, “Verizon,” really confused. Then, after the movie, he didn’t wait until my ride was there. He just said goodbye, walked away, and I had to wait another 20 minutes to leave.”

“In 9th grade my mom came on my date and sat one table away at the restaurant. Then she paid for our meal and drove my date home.”

“One time, this guy wanted to take me to Golden Corral and was trying to be seductive by saying all this weird stuff he was going to do in the chocolate fountain.”

“A friend of mine bought coffee and on her way to a date, the coffee started leaking. She opened the coffee to see what was wrong and scalding hot, burnt coffee exploded all over her. She had to run to the bathroom to clean herself off as her date waited. Eventually, she looked presentable and went outside to meet him. Unfortunately, her clothes smelled like coffee and her hands were burned and bright red the entire time.”

“One time, I was cuddling with a guy watching a movie. I farted and got embarrassed so I turned away from him and he was like, “Wow, so you’re going to let the smell come over here?””

“I got asked out on a first date for this Saturday…which is Valentine’s Day.”

“I met up with a guy from Tinder after messaging him for a week or two. We got coffee at Starbucks and ended up going to dinner too. He was charming and really good-looking. The whole date he told me stories about his freshman year at college, his baseball team, and his crazy roommate. When I got home I stalked him on Facebook, naturally, and realized he had just graduated high school. Everything he said was made up and I no longer trust Tinder.”

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

Photo Source http://vishava.com/valentine-day-free-ecards.html

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