Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The Lemon Leaf Cafe on High Street
The Lemon Leaf Cafe on High Street

There are so many different options for things to do on Valentine’s Day, and many of those things can be done right here in Chestertown. If you are celebrating with a long-term partner, a new love interest, or a group of friends you need not look any further for fun ideas than right here in town. One of the best things about dates in Chestertown is that they are either a short drive or walk away. There are also a large variety of date options such as different restaurants, shops, parks, theaters, and events.

A romantic dinner date is always a great option for couples. With a wide assortment of different restaurants you will always have a new place to go. The Lemon Leaf, The Imperial and The Fish Whistle are two classy places to eat in downtown Chestertown. With exceptional menus and a fantastic dining experience, a date at one of these places is sure to impress! Or try something new and head up town to Luisa’s or Proccolinos for some delectable Italian cuisine. If you are feeling something out of the ordinary head on over to Chestertown’s newest hot spot, Sado. Not only does this restaurant have impeccable style but also delicious sushi. Don’t be afraid to take your date to a different restaurant and try something new!

If you want to do something else try taking a walk down to the waterfront. This is a great idea for couples and a group of people. Fresh air and a change of scenery can liven anyone’s spirits. You can grab coffee and baked goods at Evergrain, which will allow you to relax and talk to your date or friends. Or even go to the Chester Five Movie Theater for an escape from reality. Its cheap prices and romantic lighting make a movie dates perfect. Grab a pal and hit the shops around town, many stores have hidden treasures that can be great Valentine’s Day presents.

It does not matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day as long as it is with the people you love. Gather your friends or you partner and remember that Valentine’s Day is the day to show someone how much you love them. Be kind, loving, friendly, and caring and you will have a wonderful day!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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