Follow Up On Recruitment

AOII welcomes their new members on Bid Day 2015              By Jada Lee

Recruitment week has come and gone, and each sorority has new members! The pervious week was tiring and overwhelming for both potential new members and sorority members. With lots of talking, smiling, and stimulating conversation many girls were exhausted by the end of the week. Nevertheless, it is always a great experience and a perfect way to meet new people. When I went though recruitment last year, I though it was very fun. Going to different events and talking to new people was new and exciting; however, after the week was finished I was very relieved. I could not wait to spend time with the sisters as a new member. The girls were all very excited to get to know me and I felt very welcome. Having gone through recruitment as a sister this year gave me a very different experience. A lot more work was involved making sure everything was perfect for the potential new members!

My experience may have been different form everyone else so I asked some of the girls who went though recruitment this past week what they thought. When I asked Gabby Leach’18 how recruitment went she said it was awesome. She also said, “All the people were really welcoming and all the activities were super fun throughout the whole week.” I also asked Gabby if recruitment was what she expected and she said, “I thought it would be less than what actually happened. I actually got to know all the sororities and a lot of individual people within the sorority to make my decisions easier.” Alex Riedel’18 was also kind enough to tell me what she thought of recruitment! When asked what she thought of recruitment she said, “I thought it was very tiring and it required a lot of time management skills, but it was definitely well worth it come Saturday.” When I asked her if recruitment was what she thought it was going to be like she said, “No it wasn’t what I had expected at all! I had to be much more of a participant than I had originally thought, which was hard for me at first because I’m usually an introvert, but it got much more natural as the week progressed.” Alex told me that her favorite part of recruitment week was philanthropy night. She said, “It was really neat to see each chapter so passionate about service.”

Recruitment week may have been hectic, but it is over until next year. Hopefully the new experience was worth your time and energy, and you made some fun memories. So enjoy the new friendships you have made and have a great spring semester!

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