Clothing With A Cause: 99Degrees Custom

99CustomThis evening in Hynson Lounge, Brenna Schneider returned to her alma mater to discuss her recent entrepreneurship. Brenna graduated from Washington College in 2006 as an Economics and Political Science major. Since then she has worked in many different places and has put all of her knowledge and skills to the test. Brenna had previously worked for the company Mojo, which focused on helping single mothers; unfortunately this company could not sustain itself and subsequently shut down. However, Brenna strongly supported the idea of working with people in poverty and she stated, “The U.S is the 4th highest in income inequality.” She knew she had to find a business that could be sustainable and also support a good cause like aiding poverty. Having the experience and the knowledge of the manufacturing industry, it seemed like the best path to take. Brenna told us that manufacturing leads to more jobs in other fields, which could help reduce poverty. Also manufacturing provides higher quality jobs that will greatly help those in poverty and teach them valuable skills for future work.

Brenna Schneider became the founder and CEO of the company 99° Custom, which specializes in sportswear and active, wear manufacturing. Its focus is in the customization of these products for lager companies. Some of the larger companies 99° Custom does business with are New Balance and Under Armor. This company started with very little and has grown to a company with a larger purpose. Brenna has big plans for her company and hopes that in the future she will be able to give her employees great benefits. She is striving to reduce the poverty of the community around her and believes it is “important to invest in your employees.” She leaves future entrepreneurs with the advice to innovate within one’s abilities, listen carefully, and take risk cautiously. Brenna Schneider is a great example of the momentous things Washington College students can achieve. Having the opportunity to hear her speak and talk about her accomplishments was truly a great honor and very enlightening.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source

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