Capturing The Perfect “Instapic”

photo-2Instagram, it seems, has taken over the world of social media. It makes for such a great platform because unlike Facebook, we can see aspects of our friends lives without having to read the entire ranting story that often accompanies a post. It allows us to share the glimpses of our lives that we find the most photo-worthy. Instagram is also a great way to connect with or simply follow people with similar interests as you.

Sometimes people can take Instagram way too seriously but it is important to capture a quality photo worth sharing. Gramming the perfect picture is certainly a process but with a few tips, you can become a pro. Make sure your photo is well composed and shows off what you want to share. We are not all trying to be professional photographers here, but it is helpful to know some general rules. Be sure that your subject is well lit and not over or underexposed. Becoming familiar with the rule of thirds will also help you to step up your photography game. The rule of thirds ensures that your photo is properly composed and aligned.

Once you have your photo, it’s time to move on to editing. There is no shame in editing, especially when shooting pictures with a phone. Most editing apps offer many more filter options than Instagram as well as more general editing functions. My favorite free apps to use are Afterlight and VSCOcam. Certain apps have interesting effects that can be added, so get creative! For example, don’t be afraid to add a border. Some photos just are not meant to be constrained to the Instasquare.

Now that your picture is Instaworthy, get ready to post it. Personally, I believe a caption can make or break your post. Clever, simple, and direct is the best way to go when adding a caption. Writing a long caption is distracting from your perfectly composed picture! After all, Instagram is a photo-sharing app and you do not want to make your followers read any more than they have to. Optional extras include adding hashtags and tagging your friends, which can lead to more views. Hopefully these tips will help you capture and post the perfect Instapic, but in the end it’s all about posting what is important to you. Have fun and get gramming!

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Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

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