Preparing For The Worst!

snoopyWe learned on Monday that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and therefore predicted six more weeks of winter. While the weather this week has had us thinking of spring, it is still possible for a change of the weather. The threat of a winter storm is always present during these months. So what do you do when a storm comes unexpectedly? Are you ready to get snowed in? It is important to be aware of what to do and how to prepare for getting snowed into your dorm or house.

Being snowed in can be both positive and negative. You’ll certainly get a day or two off from school but you may not be adequately prepared. As students, we already tend to keep snacks in our rooms. You may want to stock up on some extra nonperishable foods like soup, oatmeal, and cereal bars just in case the weather gets rough. Also keeping a few flashlights in your room is helpful if the power happens to go out. Finally, make sure to have the proper winter weather attire for when you do have to go outside and brave the storm.

Aside from being equipped for an emergency situation, you should always be prepared for a good old-fashioned snow day. Have some classic movies on hand for entertaining friends, or simply lying in bed all day. Board games and a deck of cards are great for passing the time and bonding with friends. Hot chocolate is also a necessity to any snow day. Hopefully, the snow will stay at bay but if we do experience a harsh storm, you can feel at ease knowing that you won’t have to go to class and you are prepared to be stuck indoors.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

Photo Source

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