SEB Film Series

MovieblogDo you ever need a break from homework or just an opportunity to relax and hang out with friends? If you are like most students here at WAC you probably answered yes! Well the Students Event Board has the perfect activity for you. The movie series event takes place every two weeks and features a popular movie. The movie is shown at William Smith Hall in the Norman James Theater, which has plenty of seating and a large projection screen. The SEB also provides bottled water and popcorn! Watching a movie is great way to hang out with a large number of friends and also have some fun. I had never been to the movie series before so I decided to go and see if it was any good.

As I walked into Norman James Theater the friendly aroma of popcorn greeted me. The movie that was scheduled to play this evening was Mockingjay: Part 1 of the Hunger Games Series and I was very excited to see it. The event started at 7:30pm and when I entered there were previews on the screen just like at a movie theater. I really enjoyed this aspect because it gave the event an authentic movie theater feel! The previews were advertising events going on at WAC, which I thought was very clever. During the movie other audience member were quiet and courteous. It was dark enough to see the movie but not too dark. The whole experience was very pleasant and I plan on attending more of the movie series events. I felt like I was at an old-fashioned movie theater and it did not feel like I was on campus. When the next movie series takes place, grab some friends, take a break, and enjoy yourself!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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