Let’s Ask Students: What Do You Do with Your Spare Time?

Pie GraphAs college students we value our free time because we seldom have any. Between classes, work, sports, and whatever other crazy things you have going on it is hard to find a moment to do anything else. If you do manage to find some free time, campus offers some great ways to spend it. If you want to catch up on class work the Millar Library is a great place to go. It has three floors, complete with study rooms, computers, and a quantitative skills center. The library is open late on weeknights so you can get done what ever you need before class the next day. There are many other places around campus for your studying needs and even around Chestertown. If you rather spend your free time working on your fitness, head over to the JFC or take a run through town. You can even catch up on sleep in your free time! Whether it just is a catnap or a five-hour deep sleep, I believe afternoon naps help one feel revitalized and ready to go! And of course you can always hangout with your friends in you free time. You can grab your friends and walk into town to a local coffee shop or sit by the waterfront. The Chester Five movie theater is a great place to go with a large group of friends because there is room for everyone, or hit up a one of town’s fabulous restaurants and have a fun night out with friends. No matter what you do to hang out with friends, just being together is a great way to spend your time!

I asked fellow students how they preferred to spend their free time and I was surprised by the results. I thought a lot more people would like to sleep during their free time, however, it appears students are more active than I had assumed.  36.4% of people I asked said that they did work during their free time, and another 36.4% said that they chose to hangout with fiends. Of those I asked 18.2% said they went to the gym and only 9% took naps. So it does not matter what you do with your free time as long as it makes you happy. You have earned your free time and can spend it anyway you wish!

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