Juno: The Storm that Never Came

A view of the storm from Harford Hall
A view of the storm from Harford Hall

Winter Storm Juno is here…and it is quite the disappointment. Monday night, it seemed that the student body of WAC was preparing to hunker down for a few days. Even the professors we’re sending out emails in anticipation of a snow day, or at least a delay. Weather stations reported expectations of up to eight inches of snow. Then, this morning when students awoke with hopes of a WAC Alert, we instead found no such message. Students glanced outside their windows expecting snow but saw nothing but a flurry. Much to our dismay, Juno did not provide us the much needed snow day we were all hoping for.

While it seemed as though getting out of bed for class was even more agonizing than usual, the day didn’t have to be all that bad. There are some things you can do next time Mother Nature decides to change her mind, to help make the day a little less depressing. Bringing a thermos of hot chocolate to class will keep you warm and cheery. Taking time in between classes to play in the snow will help keep the snow day spirit alive. Finally, my favorite way of celebrating a non-snow day is by putting off my homework for a little while and watching a movie.

Hopefully your day was just another Tuesday. Juno may have been a massive letdown but we have plenty of future winter storms to look forward to and snow days to be had. Perhaps the next one will come before we know it.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

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