Winter Weather Essentials

IMG_7413Adjusting to college life can be a long process. And just when you think you have got it all down, winter hits and you realize all the things you still need to learn. Maryland is full of tricky weather; one day it is sunny and warm and then the next day it is snowing. This makes it hard to know what to wear to class and what to expect the weather to be like throughout the day. If you are not from Maryland you may not be used to such fickle weather, and if this is your first winter at college you may not have some very important winter items. After my first year at Washington College I realized that I was missing some very essential items that I had overlooked. Now they seem so obvious and I could not imagine getting through winter with out them. As you prepare for a cold winter you may want to invest some of these useful items.


  1. Boots- rain boots and snow boots are a must when attempting to walk to class
  2. Rain Coat- class does not get cancelled because of the rain and a rain coat will keep you dry
  3. Scarf- on a long walk to class keeping your neck warm makes a big difference
  4. Hat- a hood on a coat is no way to keep your ears warm
  5. Gloves- will keep your hands warm when you have something to carry across campus
  6. Thick Socks- help insulate your feet in your rain or snow boots
  7. Snow Scraper – if you have a car at school you be very thankful to have a scraper to get all the snow off your windshield
  8. Sunglasses – the sun can make the snow every bright and hard to see unless you have some eye protection
  9. Hot Coco- this drink and make any cold day a little less miserable

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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