Chestertown’s Coffee Hot Spots

Caffeine-Can-Boost-MemoryAs hardworking students, we certainly know that coffee is essential to our success here at Washington College. Luckily, Chestertown has more than enough options when it comes to satisfying your caffeine cravings. If you’re wondering where to get your next cup of joe, you won’t have to look any further. I ventured to all the coffee spots, hot or not, to find Chestertown’s best cup of coffee.

First stop on my list was Dunkin Donuts. We all know that “America runs on Dunkin” but does it live up to the hype? I know I find myself at this popular shop several times a week. It’s central location, large variety of menu items, and low prices make it the most common choice for college students. Play it Again Sam’s is another well-known Chestertown spot. The coffee is often overlooked because of the sandwiches and other food. I don’t see many people stopping in regularly just for a cup of joe but it is always a nice compliment to a meal. Next, I stopped at Evergrain. This is a great place for students to come in, enjoy a cup of coffee, and maybe even get some homework done. Evergrain has several options of delicious food and drinks, however they can be somewhat expensive. Finally on my search, I went to 7-11. This may not be the first location that comes to mind but I was pleasantly surprised! There are several roast options and the employee even offered to make fresh pot of coffee. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and delightfully well-brewed cup of coffee, 7-11 is definitely at the top of my list.

Whether it is finals week or just another Monday, a caffeine boost is both helpful and satisfying. When going for your next cup, perhaps you’ll try a new place to get your java fix.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

Photo Source

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