Welcome Back!

War on the shore
Washington’s lacrosse team claiming the War on the Shore trophy

Spring semester is here and it is time for new classes, harsher weather, and new experiences! There are many exciting events coming up that are a great part of spring semester. Even though there is a long way to go until the pleasurable weather of spring, this semester is filled with surprises. Recruitment for the fraternities and sororities is just a few weeks away and it’s a great way to meet new people. Birthday Ball will be here before you know it and you can celebrate George’s birthday all night long. War on the Shore will be held at WAC this lacrosse season, so everyone can come support the Shoremen! The infamous event of May Day will close the spring semester, which whether you choose to participate or not, will still be a very fun day.

In addition to a new semester, The Elm staff has two new editors. The first is Sabrina Carroll who has taken over for Emma Way while she is studying abroad. Sabrina is a freshman and the new Student Life editor. The other editor is myself! While Kayla Kyle is abroad, I will be the Social Media editor. As a member of Kayla’s team last semester I feel prepared and confident that I can make Kayla proud.

As you make your way through your first week of classes and your first homework assignments, just keep in mind all the good times that will come. Stay positive, try new things, and have a fantastic spring semester!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source https://www.washcoll.edu/live/galleries/1431-scene-around-campus-spring-2013

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