Thanksgiving Break is Just Around the Corner!

thanksgiving-300x219There is just one week until Thanksgiving break and many students are excited to eat great food and be with great people. With the semester winding down to its last few weeks, Thanksgiving is the perfect break before finals. Due dates for exams, projects, and papers are all coming up very fast and the stress is setting in! However, soon you will have a break from all the stress of classes. I asked some fellow students what their plans are for Thanksgiving break, and everyone sounds very excited. Swimmer, Ashley Maurizi ’15, said, “I am going home and eating food with my family, and going Black Friday shopping.” Krystal Brostek ’15, a member of the women’s crew team said, “I will be visiting family friends that I haven’t seen in a year in New Jersey!” A brother of KA, Chris Kelly ’16, is going home for Thanksgiving! Angie Tomasura ‘17 said, “I am going to eat Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house. And I’m bringing my Australian boyfriend home with me to show him what Thanksgiving is like!” So whether you go home for Thanksgiving, go to a friend’s house, or stay on campus, just remember it’s about spending time with people you love and being thankful for the things you have!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

Photo Source:

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