This Year’s Comedy Week

ComedyWeek.byBrookeHarigIf you haven’t noticed, this week at WAC is comedy week! All week long there have been fun events to get campus in the mood. Monday night’s event was “Who’s Line is it Anyway” which featured the improve club. Tuesday night was the premier of the comedy movie “Chef”, which took place in Norman James Theater. The event for Wednesday night was the student stand up competition in the Goose Nest and Thursday night was a late night sketch show at 8pm, and included a performance from Sho’Troupe. With a variety of funny students and fun events, the campus has been surging with comedic influence. The big event tonight featured the headlining comedian Kyle Kinane, in Deaker Theater. I asked a few of my fellow students what their favorite parts of comedy week were. Katie Gordon’17, a member of SEB said she “Really liked Wednesday night’s show because it gave a number of students on campus the opportunity to show how funny they are. I didn’t expect a lot of people to participate! And Nick Staub’15 was my favorite.” Melanie Torzolini’17 said, “ I was looking forward to the standup comedy taking place on Thursday night and liked the movie that premiered Wednesday night.” Sophomore, Marie Wrenn ‘17 said, “I was excited for the comedian on Friday night!” What a fun filled week it has been!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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