Movember: Unleash the Mustaches

image-13Movember is a portmanteau of the words mustache and November, creating the moniker for the month where men, known as Mo Bros, and women, known as Mo Sistas, do not shave in order to support Men’s Health. Men typically grow facial hair since mustaches are the symbol for Movember. “I think it’s funny. It gives us an excuse to grow absurd moustaches for charity,” said Tim Regan ’17, member of KA.  No-Shave November, another name for the month, raises awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other male cancers. Even though 28% of men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, which is just under the 29 % of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, the research is not as well funded. Breast cancer research has about 4x as much funding, according to the American Cancer Society. “Some argue that men’s health campaigns are generally underrepresented, so the KA’s are happy to bring a great cause to life in fun and exciting ways,” said Greg Lee ’15, KA President. Alpha started their participation in Movember three years ago, and this year they want to publicly support the cause with merchandise, raffles, and an all you can eat buffalo wild wings, which takes place on November 14th, with all proceeds being donated to charity. “Phi Delta Theta has crab and Alpha Omnicron Pi has the Queen of the Roses 5K Walk/Run, and we want to make [No-Shave November] ours,” said Sam Stuhler ’15, VP of Service, who has been a part of Movember for two years now. The Movember foundation has campaigns in 21 countries across the world, initially starting in Australia back in 2003 and coming to America a few years later. So it is a relatively new movement, but that hasn’t stopped the movement from growing; in 2012 the Global Journal ranked Movember as one of the world’s top 100 Non-Government Organizations. The cause supports men in checking the history of cancer with their families as well as living a much healthier lifestyle. So live a little and put down that razor for the month and join the cause.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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