Happy Advising Day!

AdvisingDay1.byBrookeHarigArguably one of the best days at WAC is advising day. A relaxing day right in the middle of the week where classes are cancelled so the freshman class can have their advising appointments and prepare for spring registration. But for the rest of us, we get a day off to do work, run errands, catch up on sleep, or just relax! Fall Fest will be held on the Hodson green from 1pm to 4pm, which will include a lot of fun activates such as a pie eating contest and a performance by Sho’Troupe! So get some fresh air and go see what events campus has to offer. But if you’re wondering what some of your fellow students are planning to do, I asked a few to find out their exciting plans. Liz Deluca ’15, a history major, plans to “sleep like I’ve never slept before and treat myself to an outside food source” Setter on the Volleyball team, Taylor Horan ’18, said “probably doing nothing, just eating and sleeping.” Her plans sound very relaxing! Emily Erving ’18, a freshman, said, “didn’t plan anything on advising day and just found out it was a thing!” Biology and Drama double major, Jada Lee ’17 said, “I’m going to catch up on work and possibly go into town and grab lunch because on a typical day I wouldn’t have time to do that.” So make sure to utilize this day off and catch up on the things you need to do, even if it’s sleep. And remember this great “holiday” only comes once a semester!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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