Staying Safe on Halloween

Jerry Roderick gives us the 411 on Halloween Safety
Jerry Roderick gives us the 411 on Halloween Safety

Halloween is a time for costumes, fun, and mischief. Unfortunately, the mischief can get a little out of hand on Halloween night. With everyone getting in the holiday spirit people can find themselves in unwanted situations. So to make sure you know what to expect and what precautions to take, I asked Director of Public Safety, Jerry Roderick, some tips for this Friday night. Roderick said that he “encourages students to get out and have fun in a responsible and safe fashion.” He also informed me that Safe Ride will be operating with an additional vehicle on Friday and Saturday night. Roderick also urges people to be patient when using safe ride and respect the drivers. Also, he said, “It is a busy weekend in town and there will be additional traffic.” One of Roderick’s tips for staying safe on Halloween night is to, “develop a game plane for the night, stick together, and don’t leave anyone behind.” I also asked Roderick if he had any tips for students who choose to drink this weekend and he said, “if you choose to drink don’t conduct yourself in a fashion that draws attention and you won’t get the attention of public safety; and be cautious of how much alcohol you consume and know your limits.” Roderick shared an interesting fact with me: Halloween weekends historically have an increase of sexual assaults on college campuses. “Behavior changes in costume and people want to be in character: behavior gets more outrageous. And people need to be cautious of the environments they enter,” said Roderick. The last two tips Roderick has for students are to carry a small flash light because costumes can limit one’s visibility, and, “if you are wearing a costume make sure you are able to carry your phone, keys, and wallet in a secure and safe fashion.” These tips can help you have a fantastic this weekend and remain safe. Jerry said, “I hope the weekend goes well and everyone has a great time!” So get dressed up, have fun, hangout with friends, and stay out of trouble!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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