Halloween: What’s Not to Love?

FavoriteThingsAboutHalloween1.byBrookeHarigHalloween is this weekend and you can feel the campus getting ready! This week is filled with numerous Halloween themed events like pumpkin carving, the zombie run, trick-or-treating, and a vampire themed blood drive! And don’t forget about the haunted house that Middle Hall has every year. Students are franticly trying to come up with last minute Halloween costume ideas and everyone is feeling the Halloween spirit! There are so many things to love about Halloween so I asked a few students what their favorite things were! Ali Panchisin ‘16 said, “My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the different costumes people come up with and all the decorations.” Sierra Montuori, Psychology Major, said “My Favorite part about Halloween are the pumpkin shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups and dressing up in costumes!” Maddie Zins ’15 said, “My favorite thing is dressing up in punny costumes and making people laugh!” Everyone seems to really enjoy Halloween and the festivities it offers! So go out and have a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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