ZTA’s Big Man on Campus: Bryan Baquer ’16

All of the Contestants Stand on the Stage for the Awards Ceremony

Big Man on campus is an event that ZTA holds every year! The purpose of the event is to raise money for breast cancer research and it’s really entertaining for the audience. A handful of spunky gentlemen strut their stuff on stage in hopes of winning the title of Big Man on Campus. This year’s winner was the very talented Bryan Baquer ‘16. Bryan is a junior on the baseball team and put on a great show! I asked Bryan a few questions about his recent victory and he said, “It’s a great honor to win that sort of recognition. Especially against the competition that I had.”

I also asked Bryan how he prepared for the competition and he said, “ [I] did a lot of work with my sponsor, Emily Zalucki ’16, in order to make sure I had all my essential pieces for the show in order.” If you attended the show, you would have seen Bryan’s amazing dance that included a glow stick outfit! It was really incredible to watch with all of the lights off. Bryan said that he really likes to dance and got the idea for the outfit from his sponsor, Emily. He said, “It was extremely tough to get the sticks on in time for the talent portion of the show!” When asked about his dance moves, Bryan said, ”My mom always tells me she has no idea where I get my dance moves from since she claims that neither she nor my dad have any rhythm. I guess I’ll just have to chalk it up to luck.” So now when you see Bryan playing baseball, dancing, or living up to his new title, don’t forget to give him a wave because he really earned the title of Big Man on Campus!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photograher

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