The Benefits of Going to a Small School


When I was weeding through the colleges I wanted to go to, I realized I wanted to go a small school. Coming from a high school with a population of 800, I was used to small class sizes and knowing everyone in my grade. I didn’t feel comfortable going to a big university where I would be just another face in the crowd. I knew that going to Washington College, would give me the small town feel that I wanted. Washington College has around 1400 students and is built on 112-acre campus. Going to a small school means smaller classes and a small student to professor ratio. “I feel like the professors really care about me. And it doesn’t hurt that out of every ten people I see, I know someone,” said James Garland, ‘16.  Washington’s small campus allows for students to navigate the campus with ease since there are so few buildings in a small area. Being on a smaller campus also means seeing familiar faces more often, giving students a sense of belonging. “It’s a tighter community which slows for building better friendships,” said Kellyn Defusco, ‘18. The school’s small class sizes allow students to get to know each other easily through intimate environment that encourages interactions among others.  You won’t be just another face in the crowd. Washington College’s friendly atmosphere gives students the opportunity to get involved in clubs, sports, and any other extra-curricular activities. College can be intimidating, especially if you’re at a big university, but hopefully being at a smaller college allows for an easier experience due to our close knit community.

Ben Cooper
Staff Writer

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