National Day on Writing

NationalDayOnWriting3.byBrookeHarigThe National Day on Writing event was held this Monday, October 20th, in Hodson. This event was a fun time for anyone interested in writing or in learning more ways in which one can expand his/her writing skills through campus organizations. There were fun games that allowed students to think outside the box and find out how he or she uses writing. Also, many tables from different organizations were set up to get people involved in writing. Even our very own Elm had a table set up to recruit new writers and encourage others to try new things! Lisa Anderson ‘15, attended the National Day on Writing, both to help with clubs and attend as a student. I asked Lisa what her favorite part of the event was and she said, “My favorite part was the six-word short story run by the Writing Center and the “What’s your favorite word?” poster created by the Collegian.” I also asked her if she learned anything new and she said, “In terms of education, I was reminded that writing can take many different forms and affects all human beings in a variety of ways. We can all benefit from sharing with one another and writing/reading as a community.” When asked if she found the experience helpful, Lisa said, “This was helpful to my creative writing skills because it encouraged me to think outside of the academic pedagogy. I was inspired to try writing poetry, develop a short story, and use other mediums like pictures to apply myself creatively.” Lisa, an English major, has taken a lot away from the National Day on Writing event and is a great example of how campus events can be very helpful. Lastly, I asked Lisa what her favorite book was and her answer has inspired me to look at my own as well as other people’s writing differently. Lisa said, “My favorite book is the children’s story “Miss Rumphis” because it inspired me to make the world more beautiful. I do not know how to do that, but this story taught me that I have my entire life to try.”

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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