The Meanings Behind the Pink and Purple Ribbons

pink-and-purple-ribbonHasn’t WAC been more colorful lately? Yes, it is decorated for Halloween and Fall, but what about the ribbons? For the past couple weeks, starting in early October, the campus has been decorated with the color pink. With the pink chalk on the sidewalks, the gorgeous pink glow from the Casey Academic Center, and the pink ribbons all around campus, our campus has gone pink! For a good reason too! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Zeta Tau Alpha, a strong supporter of the cause, made sure everyone was aware! The renowned pink ribbon, which was adopted as the main icon in 1992, has become not just a symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness, but for femininity as well. Zeta Tau Alpha has helped raise awareness with numerous events throughout the month, such as a car wash, zumbathon, an ice cream eating contest, a pink-out field hockey game, and the beloved Big Man On Campus event. The ZTA sisters donate all of the proceeds from the events to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

While many people attribute October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are many other organizations and charities that hold events during the month as well. One of the other ribbons that have been spotted on campus has been the purple ribbon, which represents the prevention of domestic violence. See any sort of theme going on with the color purple and the awareness that it brings? Purple is associated with pain and suffering, as well as hope. Since purple is associated with the act of physical bruising, the purple colored ribbon started to gain prominence in representing suicide and physical abuse. Beginning in 1989, October has also been recognized as Domestic Awareness Month just four years after Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded. The Alpha Chi Omega sisters how their support to end Domestic Violence by donating all of the proceeds from their annual Casino Night and Hunger Games Wheel to the Mid-Shore Council On Family Violence and For All Seasons, Inc. There will also be purple-out volleyball game, as well as a talk given by the Mid-Shore Council on a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

Even though the excitement for Fall has just begun and everyone is preparing their costumes for Halloween, is it important to understand that October is more than just the “Halloween Month.” October is a month that supports the awareness of Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer. It’s nice to see our sisters giving awareness and support to these causes and it is even better to see that students and faculty are supporting these causes as well. So let’s make WAC more colorful this month by showing our support for these causes through the pink and purple ribbons.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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