TV Series All College Students Should See

tv-collageWith the onset of online streaming, more college students than ever are watching TV. Whether they are streaming the latest episode of HBO’s latest hit drama, or re-watching classic sitcoms from decades ago, students are taking the plunge into television unlike ever before.
While the market is certainly filled with television series of all different kinds, I have compiled a list of shows that I consider to be essential, or at least recommend, viewing for all Washington College students. Again, these will be categorized by ten different representatives for different genres. I have tried to include shows for a wide variety of tastes and from different eras of television. Most of these shows can be found on most online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO, or Roku.

Drama:                                                                                      Crime:
Breaking Bad                                                                             True Detective
Mad Men                                                                                    The Wire
Homeland                                                                                  The Sopranos
The West Wing                                                                          Sons of Anarchy
24                                                                                                 Twin Peaks
Downton Abbey                                                                        Sherlock
House of Cards                                                                         Boardwalk Empire
The Americans                                                                          Homicide
Dexter                                                                                         The Killing
Band of Brothers/The Pacific                                                  Elementary
Orange is the New Black

Comedy:                                                                                 Sci-Fi/Fantasy:
The Office                                                                                Game of Thrones
Seinfeld                                                                                    LOST
Frasier                                                                                      Firefly
Arrested Development                                                          Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Louie                                                                                         Battlestar Galactica
Friends                                                                                     Fringe
Modern Family                                                                       Pushing Daises
How I Met Your Mother                                                        Supernatural
New Girl                                                                                  The Twilight Zone
Curb Your Enthusiasm                                                          Doctor Who

The Simpsons
Cowboy Bebop
Adventure Time
Attack on Titan!
Gravity Falls
Rick and Morty
Avatar: The Last Airbender
South Park
The Boondocks

Nick Anstett
Staff Writer

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