Fall Break: Editor Style

Meaghan Menzel: Copy Editor

Back Home 013“This is Dodger. He’s about eight years old and still thinks he’s four. His hobbies include chasing squirrels, Frisbee, and “dumpster-diving.” His special talent involves seeing dead people (aka: barking at nothing). This past August, poor Dodger-baby had to get surgery. The recovery process took many weeks, and it left him unable to play. Last week or so, the vet said he could finally start playing again. Unfortunately, mom and dad are working, and my brother and I are in school. This fall break though will be all about relaxing at home, catching up on school work, and paying homage to his Lord Puppy-ship.”

Emma Buchman: Opinion Editor

emma b“Fall Break has had a shaky, but pleasant, start for me. I was initially going to be staying on campus until Thursday morning, because I was the RA on duty on Wednesday night. But, as with any job, there was a miscommunication and I was relieved of my duties. Which meant that even though it meant packing for an hour at 8pm, plus an hour drive in the dark, I got to spend an extra night with these ridiculous animals.”


Catalina Righter: News Editor

DSCN3469 toni“Forget pumpkin spice lattes, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the pumpkin spice cat. This is my kitty, Toni and as you can tell most of my motivation for coming home this weekend was to see my fur babies. Besides that, I have been enjoying the lovely fall scenery that comes with living in the middle of nowhere and helping my mom create scary Halloween windows at her vintage shop in Frederick. As for the rest of the weekend, I plan to do a ships-ton of laundry (for free!) and start on The Book of Scented Things which of course just came out from the Lit House. Have a great fall break everyone and remember, as you go into fall, that most pumpkin puns aren’t very gourd.”




Hailli Woo: Lifestyle Editor

Untitled“This fall break, I am visiting Leesburg, VA to see my boyfriend’s family, and my family in Annapolis, MD. My cousins from Boston, Massachusetts are coming down to visit family in Maryland. I can’t do much this fall break because I am due back to campus Saturday for my other job. I am a sports broadcaster for the school and I am broadcasting the field hockey game at 1:00 p.m. and I am being the score keeper for the women’s soccer game at 4:00 p.m. Other than that, I will be watching the Orioles face to Royals in the ALCS.”

Paige Kube: Editor in Chief

photo7“I’m spending my break enjoying the great city of Baltimore. Following the conclusion of Wednesday’s classes, I attended The Kooks concert. This band is a long-time favorite of mine, and after years of enjoying the British band’s albums and longing to see them play, I was amazed at their live performance. An added bonus, they finished the concert with my favorite of their songs. The rest of the break will be spent enjoying the inner harbor, appreciating the view, and people-watching all the Orioles fans that will flock to the city for the Friday and Saturday games. I suppose I’ll try to get some work done, too.”


Emma Way: Student Life Editor

Photo by Kayla Kyle
Photo by Kayla Kyle

“Thursday into Friday I went camping with good friends. It was a true adventure! We hiked into the camp site, which was about a 90 minute hike with everything on our back. It was a challenge, but totally worth the effort. Our campsite was right on the lake in Round Valley State Park, which made for the perfect backdrop for an evening with good friends. It was so nice to get away from technology and essentially carry everything I needed on my back. We cooked canned food over the fire and made smores. It has been a while since I took time to enjoy nature; it was much needed.”



Emily Harris: News Editor

photo-28“I went to the Delmarvacade of Bands, a marching band competition hosted by my high school every year. The picture shows my high school band setting up for their field show before they performed at the end of the night. I also went to Rise Up this morning which is my favorite coffee place to visit when I come home!”

Kayla Kyle: Social Media Editor

IMG_0325“During my fall break, I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York City and see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway with some of my close friends. It has always been my dream to go and see it! I can finally cross it off of my bucket list and say with full confidence that it was AMAZING! I will never forget that experience!”


Hailey Craig: Photo Editor

FullSizeRenderBack to WAC! After a super relaxing Fall Break, today I drove back to WAC with my roommate and fellow Elm photographer Brooke. It was nice to have a friend along for the drive; it made the trip seem a lot shorter and way more fun! Over break, I was so happy to see my brother, who was just in Lithuania for the last month! I also did some of my favorite activities: I spent time with my family and my dog, went shopping with my friends, and went to the movies. Even though break was fun, relaxing and much needed, I was more than happy to come back to WAC today!

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