The Journey Thus Far: The Elm Editors

The Elm Editors
The Elm Editors

Job-Titles-1024x586Editor in Chief: Paige Kube

My role as Editor-in-Chief has been everything I expected and more, both more work and more rewards. About 50 percent of my week’s work revolves around The Elm, but picking up a freshly-printed Elm each Thursday from a table in Toll is the highlight of my week.

Favorite Part: At each weekly meeting, I announce the Best Story of the Week, Best Photo of the Week, and Most Valuable Player of the Week. I love seeing the winners’ reactions when they hear their names and see their story or photo posted on the board. Also, all but two current editors are returning editors; I’ve had the opportunity to watch both new and returning editors become stronger journalists, editors, and leaders. I could not be more proud of them.

Least Favorite Part: Each Monday, after the staff meeting, I read every word on all 12 pages of copy, just as the two copy editors do. It brings me back to my freshman and sophomore years of being a copy editor. You don’t know hard work until you serve a full year as a copy editor, and you’ll never want to see a comma splice again.

Copy Editor: Meaghan Menzel

Expectation vs. Reality

Overall, copy editing is mostly what I expected it to be. It’s a pretty straightforward job—you read the articles, and you edit them. The only thing that never really hit me until this year was how long copy editing can take. Editing a 12-page edition can take me from about 6:45 pm to 10:30 or 11 pm.

My Favorite Part about Copy Editing

I really enjoy getting to read all of the articles. I never used to have a whole lot of time to read newspapers in general, but this opens me up to all the juicy news in every section.

My Least Favorite Part about Copy Editing

Let me put it like this…

It was a long and bleak night of editing articles that kept making the same grammatical mistakes over and over again. I finally had to text my friend to talk about it. Here’s what I said.

“I actually had a dream last night… that I was still editing articles!”

“That is not a sentence. Wow, that is a run-on sentence. Who is ‘they’ supposed to be? What in the world is that comma doing there? Oh my lord, you abbreviate the month, and dear God what is that comma still doing there, and DANG IT THE PUNCTUATION GOES INSIDE THE QUOTATION MARKS!”

The end.

News Editor: Catalina Righter

My favorite thing about being an editor is always knowing what’s going on around campus and getting that knowledge to other people.
My least favorite thing about being an editor is honestly copyediting. I am much better at reading for content.

News Editor: Emily Harris

Favorite thing: I love the fact that The Elm is one big team effort. Some of the best ideas for news stories come from editorial staff meetings because of ideas we get from the other editors. Beyond that, each and every writer on staff contributes something important to the end product and it’s really rewarding to see people improve.

Least favorite thing: The late Monday night hours are not always fun, but it’s always worth it when The Elm comes out on Thursday and we get positive feedback from readers.

Opinion Editor: Emma Buchman

Being an editor has been a lot more fun than I could have imagined; but it’s also a lot more stressful. Spending hours upon hours of preparation for an awesome layout takes so much energy, and the meticulousness involved in printing a paper can become tedious and exhausting. However, seeing the result of all of my hard work makes all of that worth it. Even if my friends all think that sold my soul. (Come on guys, it’s just a deposit; I always get it back at the end of layout night.)

Student Life Editor: Emma Way

I love being an editor! It’s really rewarding to be a part of something that is such a significant part of our campus. My favorite part, so far, is getting to know my writers. Most of them are brand new to the Elm so teaching them AP Style and how to write an article has been really gratifying. The biggest challenge thus far has definitely been editing. I’m slowly learning all the editing tricks and I’m looking forward to improving!

Photography Editor: Hailey Craig

So far, being the Photo Editor of The Elm has been pretty fun! Though it takes up a little more time that I thought, I still have fun taking and editing photos. One of my favorite parts of being photo editor is hearing what’s happening on and off campus before most people, since we cover so many stories and events. I also enjoy hanging out with the other section editors on Monday nights during layout. My least favorite part of the Photo Editor position would be having to be stern with my photographers about deadlines and things like that. Overall, it’s a great experience to be an editor for The Elm!

Sports Editor: Derek Stiles

“High risk, high reward.” Usually a quote you see when looking at Matthew Berry’s weekly fantasy football previews, this phrase depicts the life of an editor too. As a writer, it’s a slap on the wrist when you have a typo or AP style error occasionally. Being an editor changes the game; it’s like the World Cup compared to division three soccer. Even the minor mistakes are in the spotlight. However, the recognition is worth the risk. When you’re articles are well written and the page is laid out in a creative manner, you’re the one who receives the credit and hears the compliments. Being appreciated for your work is what makes being an editor so great.

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