Fall Break is almost here!

Fall Break is just a few days away and the anticipation is killing me! Getting a much-needed break after these long six weeks is enough to make anyone jump with joy. While some of us will be going home to see our friends and family, others will be staying at WAC to train for sports, or make the new WACacppella music video, or just because home is a little too far away. So I asked some fellow students what their plans for fall break were and they all sound very fun. Drew Thompson, a sophomore on the Men’s Soccer team, said during break he “plans to hang out in his dorm and play soccer!” Drew has a game on Saturday October 11th and says during break there will be a cookout with his teammates. However, his friend Laura King, a sister of AOII has different plans for break. Laura said she “is going to go home, snuggle with her dog Louise and eat some home cooked food!” A junior on the swimming team, Cate McMenamin, said she is going to go home and spend time with friends and family. Kelly Bird and Michaela Martino, both members of the Women’s Crew team, are going to stay at WAC and train very hard for the upcoming spring season, but they will still have some fun by going pumpkin picking with their team! Fall break is a great time to rejuvenate one’s self from the hectic beginning of the semester. So enjoy the time off and have fun!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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