The Semi-Colon Movement

A semicolon is used when a writer wants to continue a sentence. A semicolon means that a sentence could have ended, but the writer chose to extend that. The semicolon has also become a symbol for continuing on with your life. Many of you have probably have seen people with this punctuation on their wrists or have seen a table downstairs in Hodson offering to imprint the symbol on your wrist. Semicolons are used as a symbol of hope for those who self-harm, are depressed, suicidal or unhappy with their lives; it is a reminder to continue with your life no matter what, because things do get better. You probably first saw them during Suicide Prevention day this past month, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go away. Even those who haven’t felt unhappy or depressed, still wear them in order to support the ones that do. The semicolon is not a trend that will just fade, it is a movement to provide awareness and give support to those that need it. Help someone realize that his/her story isn’t over yet.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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