The Art in Photography

Photo By: Annie Grosscup

The word ‘photography’ comes from the Greek words ‘photo’ and ‘graphe.’ ‘Photo’ can be translated to mean ‘light,’ while ‘graphe’ can be translated to mean ‘drawing’ or roughly, ‘writing.’ In the sense of the word, photography means light drawing/ light writing. It makes sense that photography can mean either one of those things since photography can be the combination of both arts. A photograph is something you cannot draw or write. Someone once told me that if you wanted to learn who someone was, then watch what they photograph. Poetic isn’t it? A photograph can express how or what you feel, if you are unable to do it any other way. Take the photograph above. It’s a pinecone in a rain puddle, caught in a light drizzle. It captures that right amount of loneliness, sadness, and negativity that a rain-pour can offer. The idea of the picture was to capture the negative space. Negative space is the space surrounding the subject. It goes together quite nicely really, since the negativity in the picture is a rainy day. Negative space doesn’t sound so happy, but neither does rain, but both make perfect art. Pictures can be very interesting depending on how you look at it.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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